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Painting & Decorating 4 day or over 2 consecutive Weekends, Training Course

We have had a space become availabe at the last minute for our course 22-25th of July its now reduced to £300 or £350 with the Level 2 BTEC unit saving you £50

Level 2 BTEC First in Exploring Painting And Decorating Principles Techniques

(Recognised certificate) 

Standard Price  £400


Trade-Ability Painting & Decorating £350


A £150 Deposit is required to secure a place on a course, which can be paid by Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Painting & Decorating Course Availability

Course Date    Spaces Still Avaialable
Mon-Thur 22nd-25th July 1

23rd-26th September

Fully Booked
Mon-Thur 21-24th October 6
Weekends   26/27th October -2/3rd Nov 6
Mon-Thur 18th-21st November 3

Painting & Decorating is an area of DIY that most people will attempt without any previous experience. So why do our course? Our instuctor will teach you all the tricks of the trade so you get that professional finish (like a nice crisp line when cutting in). He will help you choose the right equipment for the job (this will include the choice of paint & paper) and will reduce the time spent on the job.

Many people under-estimate this discipline at their peril. Learn to do it right the first time!

Course Objectives

Have an understanding of:

•Health & Safety, PPE & Safe working practices

•The correct use of the Tools of the Trade 

•The Correct order in which to carry out work. 

Course Objectives Painting: 

•Learn the correct use of tools and techniques so as to get a professional finish.

•The preparation of ceilings, walls & woodwork, new and old surfaces.

•Repairing woodwork ready for painting.

•The application of a mist coat onto bare plaster. The application of water based paints, primers, undercoats, emulsions & eggshell using brushes & rollers.

•Cutting in around obstructions openings & fittings such as windows, doors, radiators & switches.

•The application of oil based paints.

•Painting walls and ceilings.

•Painting doors, frames, skirting, windows & radiators.


Course Objectives Wallpapering: 

•Learn the correct use of tools and techniques so as to get a professional finish.

•The preparation of ceilings & walls.

•How to measure wallpaper.

•How to paste.

•How to fold wall coverings.

•Hanging lining paper (Cross lining)

•Hanging finish wall coverings.

•Hanging Blown vinyl.

•Papering a ceiling.

•How to overcome obstacles.


End of course handouts will logically go through your syllabus. Therefore, you'll be able to use them as a step by step guide to remind you of the procedures when you start decorating on your own. 

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